Market Report January 2023

Market Report: Janary 2023 Housingwire offers this perspective.… “The red-hot housing market of the past 2 ½ years was characterized by sub-three percent mortgage rates, fast-paced bidding wars and record-low inventory. But more recently, market conditions have done an about-face. . . . now is the opportunity for everyone to become re-educated about what a […]

Market Report: December 2022

The housing crash of 2008 left 9 million people out of a home due to foreclosure. This was, in part, due to relaxed lenders loaning too much money to people that couldn’t afford the payment. Thankfully now foreclosures are the lowest they have been since the MBA started tracking them in 1979! This is mainly […]

November 2022 Sumner County Market Report

Market Report: November 2022 The market is not crazy. We need to stop using that term. The real estate market is complex and competitive. We needed home prices to cool off so we can get back to a normal price point. If you watched any of my videos I did warn you in the first […]