October 2022 Sumner County Market Report

The market has shifted…and it’s not sitting well with some sellers. Should of , would have, could have. We can drive ourselves crazy thinking these thoughts. Let me tell you this. …appreciation has gone up 290% over the past 30 years! Your home is still worth more than what it was worth 2.5 years ago, […]

September 2022 Sumner County Market Report

The market has shifted….and that’s a good thing! Do not get confused by the verbiage. Deceleration and Depreciation are two different things.  Our market is showing deceleration which means that homes are still appreciating just at a much slower pace than this time last year. I noticed the shift with my buyers and sellers in […]

August 2022 Sumner County Market Report

Market Report: August 2022   Demand for our area remains high, but we are seeing a deceleration in the housing market. What does that look like? There are three reasons why it’s still a great time to buy in a shifting market. 1.) Less multiple offers to compete with. In April sellers were seeing 5 […]